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Abe Monjuin

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Monju Bosatsu Monju Bosatsu
This temple was built in 645 and named after the surrounding area, Abe.
It is one of the oldest temples in Japan. This temple is dedicated to Monju Bosatsu----a Buddhist deity.

Its's statue is sitting a traveling lion followed by four retainers. At seven meters, it is the tallest of all the Monju Bosatsu statues. It was made by Kaikei, sho was a famaous sculptor of Buddhist images and is designated a national treasure.
Though the main building of this temple was rebuilt several times because of fires, the current structure was constructed in 1665.
This area is the root of the name of Abe, which is a common surname in Japan. Abe nakamaro and a prophet, Abe seimei, were born in this temple. They are famous in Japan because they created the Sino-Japanese association many years ago.